What You Need To Keep In Mind To Ensure Your New Garage is Top Notch

Building a garage, whether attached, detached, or otherwise, is one of the most direct ways of increasing your home’s value. Even if you’re not looking to sell, it’s simply a matter of comfort. Nothing beats having a warm place to start your car in the morning, or a clean an organized space to keep all of the tools for the yard. Since you’re working on building a brand new home as it is, why not consider building a garage that will give a huge potential for return on investment?

Make It Big

You’ll want to make sure your new garage has plenty of space for all of your family’s cars, as well as any extra equipment such as lawn mowers, shovels, snow blowers, and more. If you’re budget is tight there’s certainly nothing wrong with opting for a smaller garage, but as with anything, once you’ve started building it’s a good idea to go all the way. If you want to make a larger garage in the future it won’t make much sense to go smaller now.

If you’re looking for guidelines, at a minimum we’d suggest making space for two cars. The more extra space the better. Also, if you can make accommodations for two garage doors so that your cars don’t have to park in tandem then it will be much appreciated in the long run.


You’ll also want to consider upgrades that you can make to your garage to help it be more hospitable. Many homeowners in northern states will opt to equip the structure with a garage heater so that it will be nice and warm on cold winter mornings. You will also want to consider whether the structure will be outfitted with electricity so that you can have plenty of lighting as necessary.

Garage door openers have also become relatively standard these days, and they can be obtained and installed in relatively short order. Take some time to look at the options available on the market so you can find the opener that is best for your home. You’ll want to make sure it is equipped with the standard safety features such as motion sensors and remote control. Also be sure to find a model that will have enough power to life the garage doors you choose.

The Big Question – Attached or Detached?

The big question that almost everyone encounters is whether to build the garage attached to your house or not. There are obvious benefits to having the garage attached to you home – namely that you can walk directly to your car without bearing the harsh weather. In almost every case, it is recommended that you have an attached garage if you can swing it. That said, if you can’t make your garage attached, whether for structural reasons or design reasons, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t build a garage. The benefits are just far to great, even for detached designs.

Building a new home is full of headaches and projects, but if you are considering adding a garage rest assured that your mind is in the right place. Whether you are building a home to live in for years to come or trying to make a home that will appeal to the next set of buyers, you can’t go wrong by adding a garage to your home.